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Over the years we've seen many different products come through our showroom - we try to pick only the best, most stylish and practical. We use many of these products on a daily basis in our own home (we live in an apartment above the showroom). Occasionally, we find that a product does not really work for us, either it doesn't ultimately have lasting appeal or it simply doesn't do what it's supposed to do well enough. But working with trusted design led brands means that this isn't a common experience. On the other end of the scale, we've found lots of things that are exceptional in quality, style or practicality - sometimes all three. The reviews we write are our honest opinions, focusing our favourite products. You won't see any negative reviews here because, if we think a product is that bad, we simply wouldn't want to sell it to you.

Kirsty & Rod


You can choose a review from the list below or browse our online shop and click wherever you see a link to a review. We'll be adding more reviews on a regular basis, so why not keep in the loop by joining us on Facebook or Twitter - simply click one of the links on left.