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String - Hanger Rack grey (2 pack)

Was: £60.00
Now: £42.00
New Boxed
Number available:
1 (2 pack)
Dimensions (mm):
160 x 300
For further information please call:
01202 757600
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The hanger racks are created to optimize a shelving combination with metal or galvanized shelves. It is the optimal kitchen accessory, and it is available in two different sizes, 20 and 30 cm. Number of wine glasses (diameter of the rim: 7 cm) that fit on 20 cm deep hanger racks are 2-3, and 3-4 on 30 cm deep hanger racks. A 58 cm wide metal shelf can fit up to three hanger racks and a 78 cm wide can fit up to four. Each packaging contains two hanger racks, where each hanger rack has two sets of rails.